Pistol Classes and training at Aegis Academy!

Aegis Academy has an extensive selection of tactical pistol training opportunities and courses appropriate to every skill level. Find out more today!

Pistol One – Marksmanship and Conditioning

Firearms Training Pistol Courses 001

Tactical Pistol One is all about mastering trigger control and in it we cover the fundamentals of conditioning yourself to shoot accurately throughout your training experience. The program is based of much of Larry Mudget’s pioneering work on trigger control, which was developed at the Los Angeles Police Department in the Mid 1990’s. Most people who can’t hold a sound shot group never got this down. Fortunately, and we can give you the concepts and drills to master this key aspect of shooting in one day. Once you master trigger control, you can progress to whatever level of proficiency you choose to achieve!

Tactical Pistol One Includes:

  • Pistol Training Fundamentals
  • Conditioning Effective Pistol skills
  • Range Procedures
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Presentation
  • Trigger Control
  • Disassembly, Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library

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Pistol Two – Physiology and Ballistics

Pistol Two – Physiology and Ballistics

Tactical Pistol Two Covers physiology, ballistics and legal considerations. Afterward, we transition to the range and work efficient manipulation starting with presentation, malfunctions and reloading. This handgun training course will give you the concepts and drills that you need to become efficient and precise with your manipulation. That efficiency and consistency is what eventually translates to speed and accuracy!

Tactical Pistol Two Includes:

  • Physiology of shooting
  • Introduction to Ballistics
  • Reloading
  • Malfunctions
  • Multiple shot engagements
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library

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Pistol Three – Using Your Environment

Pistol Three Advanced Handgun Training

Tactical Pistol Three starts with the Psychology of Violence lecture, after which we transition to the range to start the introduction to practical gun fighting. During this pistol course, you will shoot at extreme distances, be introduced to angles and cover, develop target discrimination and multiple target engagement techniques, and start to shoot on the move.

Tactical Pistol Three Includes:

  • Psychology of Violence
  • Shooting at distance
  • Angles & cover
  • Target discrimination
  • Multiple targets
  • Shooting on the move
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library

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Pistol Four – Shooting on the Move

Pistol Training Firearms Course04

Tactical Pistol Four is all about mastering angles and distance while shooting on the move. You’ll be able to use your pistol, shooting effectively moving forward, backward, laterally, and at oblique angles by the end of the training day! Shooting a pistol accurately on the move can be a significant challenge, but it is doesn’t have to be impossible. More importantly, it may be the deciding advantage in a violent encounter.

Tactical Pistol Four Includes:

  • Angles & distance
  • Forward & backward movement
  • Lateral movement
  • Oblique movement
  • Unusual Positions
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library

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Pistol Five – Concealment, Barricades and Low Light

Pistol Training Five San Diego 005

Tactical Pistol Five starts with the Low Light and Concealed Carry Techniques class, which are focused purely on professional techniques used to conceal firearms in an operational setting and understanding the psychological and physical limitations of using a weapon at night. You’ll leave knowing how to set up your equipment to maximize your chances of being effective under stress. The goal is to ensure you can effectively conceal your firearm and access it when you need to. This course is about ensuing you and your weapons are functional when you need it.

Tactical Pistol Five Includes:

  • Concealment Techniques
  • Low Light Techniques
  • Barricades
  • Night Firing
  • Use of light
  • Reloads & Malfunctions at night
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library

Find out more about Concealed Carry, Barricades and Low Light!

Pistol Six – Close Contact and Incapacitation

Pistol Six Close Contact Techniques1

In Tactical Pistol Six, we work practical retention and engagement techniques at contact distance and extremely close ranges. Incapacitation techniques and weak handed manipulation skills are introduced. We’ll work some unusual positions and finish the day with some drills specifically designed to enhance your speed! When you complete the program, you will have seen every individual tactical handgun skill we know. From here is about using those skills in different scenarios, under different conditions and know what your real skill level is!

Tactical Pistol Six Includes:

  • Contact distance shooting
  • Dealing with incapacitation
  • Weak hand shooting
  • Introduction to getting faster
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library

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Specialty and Advances Pistol Workshops

Advanced Pistol TrainingAegis Academy’s advanced pistol training courses are designed to provide you with a measure of your current capabilities. These courses will give you the opportunity to do things you would probably never do in a handgun training course anywhere outside of military and law enforcement circles! Courses are open to the public, however, skill checks will be conducted and those unable to safety pass will be unable to attend training.

Advanced Tactical Pistol Training Includes:

  • Vehicles and Ballistics
  • Getting Faster
  • Indoor Tactics and Combatives
  • Pistol Instructor Development

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Course Reviews:

RandyI am not new to firearms, but I quickly found out that I didn’t know near what i thought i did. Under their instruction my depth of understanding ballistics and firearms has grown tremendously. Added to that my operational skill set is far beyond what i thought I could attain in such a short period of time. Once you really think about who you are being trained by, this is a rare opportunity. This isnt a bunch of retired mall cops teaching you, these are special operations guys with enormous amounts of real time behind a firearm. I almost still cant believe that the public has such an opportunity at their finger tips. Read More:

ArloThis course easily taught me more than all the other pistol classes I have taken combined. Jumping into the intermediate course would have been a huge mistake, I would have only cheated myself of a ton of classroom knowledge, not learned the tricks Chris taught me to tighten my groups, and been totally lost running the Aegis Drills at the higher level.. Read More

Source: http://aegisacademy.com/training/tactical-pistol-classes


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