Personal Safety and Firearms Training – Is it for me?

Increasing Personal Security Risk in Populous Cities and Tourist Prone Areas

Orange County - Personal Safety and Firearms TrainingOrange county – A popular place to live in California. It is the third most populous county in CA with more than 3,114,363 residents. The large coastline, legendary theme parks fine restaurants nice sunny weather attracts millions of visitors every year. Orange county ranked 24th in travel impact among North Carolina’s 100 counties. Growing population in conjunction with large number of tourists result in economical boom as well as risk of become a victim of criminal activities. Sometimes even the police also don’t like to follow up on crime reports so if something happens to you, you’re basically screwed on your own.

Although the crime rate in Orange county has declined by 20% over the past 10 years, but that would not be the factor in consideration for personal safety. Every day, 75 girls under the age of 18 go into prostitution and 65 boys go into hardline crime. According to the statistics as of 6-3-14, there were 367 arrests made, 994 charges laid, 29 # weapons recovered, $190,079 property recovered and $910,920 drugs seized. Total recovered $1,100,999. Every 15 seconds, a house, apartment or condominium is burglarized once, according to FBI statistics.

Another key factor responsible to increase the crime rate is natural calamities. Whenever a disaster strikes, it also provides opportunity for the criminal element to take advantage of people and the situation. Because of lack of preparedness, these unpredictable events are more likely to increase chance for looting, theft or armed robberies on the part of many citizens.

Patrick Henry at Aegis Academy - Firearms Training Academy in Southern California
Patrick Henry – President at Aegis Academy

What Patrick Henry, President at Aegis Academy said is that “We are responsible for our own safety and security. A great way to prevent these problems is to be prepared to defend yourself in any criteria. Everyone should learn to evaluate the environment from a practical risk mitigation perspective. Firearms, edged weapons, protective skills and common sense can all be useful tools in the self defense area – if you learn to use them!”

Find an academy with highly professional & experienced mentors and get yourself enrolled in. But before enrolling, check the academy, bios of mentors and most importantly curriculum and find the answers for the questions:

  1. How will they help you meet your goals?
  2. Are portions of the curriculum specifically designed to help you meet that goal?
  3. Does the Staff have the experience to help you meet your goal?
  4. Ratio – will you have adequate access to the staff to meet your goal?
  5. Will the facilities allow you to meet your goal?
  6. Is there follow on support?

One such institution near by is Aegis Academy which is Southern California’s premier firearms training and education institution. Aegis Academy builds safer communities by enabling responsible citizens to play an active role in their personal safety and self defense. Aegis Academy provides professional level instruction course that covers firearms safety, range safety and basic weapons handling skills for a variety of pistols, shotguns, and carbines.
By enrolling at Aegis Academy Community you can get access to subscribers library containing tips, articles, training advice and more! You’ll have access to a wide range of professional advice on a variety of topics that impact your well being and personal security. The team of world class mentors are sourced exclusively from Military Special Operations Forces, Elite Law Enforcement units and select government agencies. Each has completed a thorough instructor development program.

Aegis Academy Southern California facility makes professional training available in one of the most tourist friendly locations in the world. Bring the family and send them to Disney Land, Sea-world, Lego Land or the beach while you meet your training goals. The straight distance between Orange County, CA and Pala, CA 73 Miles / 117 Km this take 1 hour 14 mins far apart (by car). Check out the best route here –

Stay safe, have fun & plan to do something to increase your independence this month!


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