Newsletter – Tactical Medicine, Thalys Train Attack, and Donald Trump

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry

The Tactical Medical Course on October 10th is now open to registration for everyone! We filled 14 of 20 spaces with members and guests and look forward to seeing the additional six seats filled. This is a resource intensive course with simulated wound kits, pressure regulated trauma suits with bodily fluids that provide you real feedback on the effectiveness of your trauma managements. As such the future price of the course will exceed our normal training day pricing, however, for this iteration, we are offering it at our regular daily rate, as we will be producing a promotional video. There will be a few starts, stops and re-shoots, but you’ll get the whole experience and then some! Look forward to seeing you all there!

The cultural bias for aggressive action is alive and well in the youth of America – or at least that is my assessment after four of the six responders to the Thalys Train Attack were Americans. I won’t spend a lot of time on it here as you can read the article below, but with out the American cultural bias for action, the world would be a very different place.

I’ve had a number of emails asking about my thoughts on Donald Trump so here it is. First, I love the fact that he is changing the face of politics and simply wearing who he is on his sleeve. I like the fact that I don’t have to wonder what this guy is trying to say. I do, however, often wonder what he was thinking after he has spoken… I see his Twitter attacks on people as a bit childish, and beneath a guy who should be able to simply rise above criticism. His expulsion of Jorge Ramos from Univision was, from what I saw, appropriate. Mr. Ramos refused to wait his turn, and was creating a distraction from the press conference and ultimately, he was given another chance at a later point and Mr. Trump answered his questions. Unfortunately, the practicality of his “policies” on a range of issues from immigration to ISIS indicate a severely lacking in understanding of the limitations of the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Local Law Enforcement, and the Military and Foreign Policy in general. Many people are touting his statements and positions as disqualifiers, and that is where I completely disagree.

This is not the first time we have seen a candidate who was later elected, start out with ignorant promises that were destined to be un-achievable. The existing resident of the White House is a prime example. Sarah Palin was added to a presidential ticket and seen as a benefit for much of that time, despite publicly demonstrating her complete incompetence on Foreign Affairs. Ultimately, I like the fact that Donald Trump is in the race. I think he needs to start developing an informed and executable strategy if he is to be successful, and he should probably consider leaving Megan Kelly alone, and choose not to release the private cell numbers of other candidates. These antics are not adding to his popularity and make him seem like a bit of a petulant child. But then again, Barak Obama was elected on a popularity vote twice, by the Twitter generation – so who knows, maybe publicity out weighs competence in this day and age. Perhaps petulance is the new face successful politicians. Even those who dislike him, which I don’t, can’t argue with his current success. Despite the failings in policies, strategies, and even common courtesy – he is consistently gaining in the polls. I think we are likely to see a slightly more reserved, better informed candidate emerge over the course of the next few months, at which point he may well be a contender.

Stay safe and have a great week!

By ~ Patrick Henry


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