Violence: Riots, Crime, and Police

Cases of potential use of force issues with police are being reported extensively at the moment. Most recently the riots in Baltimore have been the source of media focus.

Blatimore Riots - RacismThe six officers involved in arresting Freddie Gray have been arrested and charged with crimes ranging from misconduct to murder.

As we continue to manufacture a case of racism in the death of every black male to hit the news, we propagate the myth that black lives don’t matter to a younger generation, we provide them with excuses for failure, a scapegoat for their frustration, and perpetuate a cycle of long term dependence. Further, we reinforce a manufactured mistrust of the government. The incarceration rate of black men in America is astonishingly high, but blaming racism takes the personal accountability out of the equation.

A young black man has no ability to control whether or not I am a racist, but he absolutely has control of his behavior. We cannot continue to blame a lack of opportunity, racism, or lack of education for criminal behavior. We need to focus on the behavior of both the suspects and the police in these events.

I read a recent article in which the writer was critical of the president for use of the term “thug” in his description of events in Baltimore. She claimed that thug was “the new N word”. I am not sure where the writer has received her definition but thug is quite consistently defined as follows:

“Thug: a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.”

I would say there is stark contrast between the definition of a violent criminal and a derogatory term for blacks. Further, I am not sure what term would apply more aptly then ‘thug’ to the looters, rioters and arsonists in Baltimore. I for one find it a pretty accurate description of some of the individuals involved in the “protests” of the treatment of Freddie Gray. In this case, I felt the presidents’ statements regarding the rioters were reasonable considering the circumstances, and thug an apt description of the participants.

Obama Racial divisionEven a sitting black president who has largely spearheaded the effort to make every black arrest a racial issue is now failing to support the cause because he identified misbehavior on the part of some of the protesters; this has truly entered the realm of delusion. The consistent focus on race vice behavior is becoming a dangerous and counter-productive undercurrent in our society.

The article then went on to defend Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin and lump them in the same category as Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and Walter Scott. The one thing these men had in common was that they are dead and black. Aside from that, there is nearly nothing uniform in theses cases – and yet the race factor is adequate to cause the media and much of America to ignore nearly all other factors.

Personal Security Edged Weapons Training

Trayvon Martin was looking in peoples windows in a neighborhood in which he did not live or have any reason to be, and assaulted a man who confronted him about it. According to the story the jury believed he started slamming his head into the concrete. Thug seems an appropriate description of Trayvon Martin. The number of times I have looked in peoples houses while wandering through neighborhoods I do not live in – Zero. Additionally, the Martin case has nothing to do with police. Continue Reading >>

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Patrick Henry (President at Aegis Academy)

Patrick Henry received his operational training and experience from the U. S. Government, 22 years of which were spent in the Marine Corps where he served in the Reconnaissance, Infantry and Intelligence fields. During his active service, he spent more then five years deployed overseas in combat, operational and training assignments. After the military, Pat worked as a contractor and as the Director of Operations at a private paramilitary firm specializing in training military special operations forces and providing protective services to select private clients. His education consists of an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC), and a BS from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and a minor in Psychology. He holds an extensive list of security and training related certifications from a variety of government and nationally recognized entities. He currently sits on the advisory committee at USC’s Master of Veterans Business Program, and is an active member of Infraguard and the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS). He has been a guest speaker at ASIS, the San Diego Industrial Security Awareness Council and other private organizations on physical security, travel security, and competitive intelligence collection counter-measures.

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