Curved Blade (Karambit) Workshop at Aegis Academy in San Diego

Steve Tarani returns to Aegis Academy on April 18th to conduct a curved blades workshop. Learn the practical and unparalleled advantages of this blade for defensive purposes, from one of the few, true masters of the Karambit. The course will cover karambit safe handling procedures, karambit selection and characteristics, distance / injury risk metrics, leverage and karambit mechanics, wound analysis and effects and defensive anatomy. Read out more about Karambit.

Curved Blade (Karambit) Workshop in San Diego

What is a Karambit?

Karambit / Curved BladesDeveloped in ancient times, the Karambit ranged in size from nearly sword-like lengths to the compact lengths we see today used in self-defense applications. Originally modeled after the shape of the claws of predators, the angles and cutting power of these blades are unequaled by other blade designs. The advantages of this blade design and employment techniques for close contact range defensive options are extensive.

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About the Instructor

Steve TaraniSteve Tarani, protection and weapons expert and master-level instructor to a number of government agencies, personally teaches each course. As a published author, weapons designer, law enforcement advisor, and federally certified instructor trainer, he will teach you everything you need to know about weapon selection, usage and practical application under duress. Take advantage of his more than 25 years of serving and teaching throughout the US Defense Intelligence community by learning the same principles and lifesaving skills used by the professionals.


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