Christmas Gift Card for any Firearms Safety Course that your loved ones will remember

Why not take a little step towards building safe and happy community for our loved ones this Christmas!

Instead of buying lose tangible gifts, get your friend or family a Christmas Gift Card to any Day one Gun Safety Course and show them how much you care and want them to be safe!

Take advantage of this two for one offer to any Day one course offered on the schedule in 2014 or 2015 at Aegis Academy facility located in San Diego. Day one Course are the Firearms Safety and Familiarization Course, the Pistol, Shotgun or Carbine One courses and the introduction to edged weapons. Confidence, experience, capability and independence are what this nation is built on.

Two for One Christmas Special at Aegis Academy - Gift card on sale for any day one course Firearms Safety and Familiarization, Pistol 1, Shotgun 1, Carbine1, or Introduction to Edged Weapons.

Voucher Expires Dec 31, 2015. Attendee’s must attend the course together, and each voucher is good for two course seats.

Click here to purchase 2014 Christmas Special Gift Voucher to any Day One Course!

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