Concealed Carry Classes and Night Firing on Day 5 of Pistol Training

Welcome to Aegis Academy’s Pistol Five! Today begins with the Aegis Academy Concealed Carry Classes, which are focused purely on professional techniques used to conceal firearms in an operational setting. You’ll leave knowing how to set up your equipment to maximize your chances of being effective under stress. The goal is to ensure you can effectively conceal your firearm and access it when you need to. This is not one of the state concealed carry classes where you watch a video for eight hours and shoot 30 rounds at a target from five yards!

We complete the concealed carry classes and the physiology of lowlight lecture after which we transition to the range. We will work shooting around barricades, firing from unusual positions, and shooting on the move all while working the skills you learned in the concealed carry classes. After an hour break for dinner we will return for the introduction to firing at night. Master the techniques needed to use your firearm for defensive purposes when you are most likely to need it – at night! Our world-class mentors will work closely with each client to ensure you have the feedback and information needed to truly master the skills you are paying to learn.

Night Firing on Day 5 of Pistol Training

Concealed Carry Classes and night firing course includes:

  • Concealment Techniques
  • Low Light Techniques
  • Barricades
  • Night Firing
  • Use of light
  • Reloads & Malfunctions at night
  • Access to the Graduate Practice Library

Course Fee: $275.00

You will need 300 rounds of factory-produced ammunition to complete the concealed carry classes and night firing course.

You are welcome to fire any firearm in our inventory if you rent from us for the day. Our rental holsters are adequate, but not ideal to complete the concealed carry classes. Rental fee includes equipment and ammunition; $175.00

Prerequisite: Pistol 4 or pass the skill check on arrival at the range.

Sign up now on our monthly calendar and on our list of scheduled Day Four Pistol Shooting Courses!


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