Tactical Pistol Training Day Four – Shooting on the Move

The day begins with our gun control lecture. You will leave the classroom knowing both the accurate and inaccurate sources of information used by both sides of argument. After breakfast, we move to the range and work on mastering angles and distance while shooting on the move.

Pistol Shooting

Standing still in a gun fight is probably the worst thing you can do with the exception of not being able to hit your target. You’ll be able to use your pistol, shooting effectively moving forward, backward, laterally, and at oblique angles by the end of the training day! Shooting a pistol accurately on the move can be a significant challenge, but it is doesn’t have to be impossible. You can master the fundamentals, and get sound practical tips from our world-class mentors who will work closely with each client. We will ensure you have the feedback and information needed to truly master the skills you are paying to learn.

Pistol shooting on the move includes:

  • The impact of gun control on our society
  • Angles & distance
  • Forward & backward movement
  • Lateral & oblique movement
  • Positions

Course Fee: $275.00, you will need 300 rounds of factory-produced ammunition.

You are welcome to fire any firearm in our inventory, if you rent from us for the pistol shooting course. The rental fee includes equipment and ammunition; $175.00

Prerequisite: Pistol Class 3 or pass the skill check on arrival at the range.

Sign up now on our monthly calendar and on our list of scheduled Day Four Pistol Shooting Courses!

Source : http://aegisacademy.com/tactical-pistol-classes/pistol-class-4

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